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22 Black Birds
~22 Black Birds~
Trickling down his throat, greedy for wine,
his bread taking form of a dreamy body,
a little nod of his head, he's the broken piece of a pristine set,
Where did she go in all that confusion?
Learning to stand without a spine,
her voice just gets smaller until it's barely a whisper,
There's a beastly danger just beyond the fog,
it lives and breathes with every change and every fear,
wandering through the darkness and the calm, ever present,
He raises his head to the sun, basking in the cool of the shadow of rolling clouds,
as she sets with the moon, the moaning wind just above the trees,
her light wrapped in his warmth and they become louder,
There were 22 black birds they heard, and some sang and some chirped, some croaked,
and others imitated words, whenever their powers mingled to create a masculine fertility, an angel with a spark who knows the love of God feels just like the freedom of a once burdened soul,
And there he was.
22 Black Birds © NeuroticLust/Amand
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The Dark Room
~The Dark Room~
The dark room glows by moonlight and city lights that crawl their way through like spiders through cracks in the wall, this glow envelopes you like a halo and has you looking like a ghost or fog over the sea, and you're shimmering as my eyes gaze over your exposed back, ass, and legs,
Swallowing the taste of you on my tongue, I watch you make your way over to close the curtains,
it won't do anything to try and hide from the sounds of the escapists,
but there's no such thing as the real world,
I can say that I know what love is,
it's in the way that you speak, the way that you sigh,
in your sway when you walk away, and in your saunter when you get closer,
I wonder how still I could lay so that I can watch you,
unaware and at your most vulnerable, I hope you can feel me looking,
it's lonely to be an onlooker,
Sometimes the darkness can be selfish,
it hides what's most important, the parts of you that belong to me,
chest heaving and skin turning all shades of red,
I want f
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Angels of the Dirt
~Angels of the Dirt~
Don't choke on your ego, spit it out and put it in your pocket,
I'll crush you under my rage,
Fuck me up, and don't forget my name or I'll shoot you,
Moonlight soaked up into our skin and hair like flowers thirsting for sunlight
To make eternal; perpetuate, to immortalize,
A god of light in a dark room,
I need you in my life,
you can come and go as you please, I want you to haunt me,
Don't ask how or when or why,
What clings to my skin leaving tell-tale marks,
let's you know where I've been,
you can't face your guilt,
City lights shimmering on the water, they have dimmed the stars down,
A lost boy in the embrace of instability taking what's been stolen from him,
I'll kill you all then kill the king and take his crown,
The angels of the dirt tell their stories from underground,
It kills me to hurt you, whose mind could have ever thought up,
but an embittered prince who became a god overnight.
Angels of the Dirt © NeuroticLust/Amanda P.
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Southern Invitation
~Southern Invitation~
I can't let go of you, my guilt tears me up inside,
and when you touch me, it sparks a fire beneath my skin,
it's always only been in my head making feel like I've wasted my best years,
When I kiss your tears, sadness and frustration taste different than joy,
for a moment I thought it would be easy, but it only got harder,
I want you with me in the middle of these paths I can't choose between,
I'll say I'm sick and keep you here longer than you should be,
I'm afraid you'll get sick of me, that when I call for you you won't come,
why should I be sorry for wanting your hands, your eyes, and your mouth?
We'll breathe a little easier once we get this off our chests,
once I admit to myself how wrong it is to keep you here under falsehoods,
will you hang up without saying goodbye? Will you invite me back into your bed?
You have a thick skin calloused from years of being taken advantage of this way,
what I told people had been the thing that drove you off but I'm hoping
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Star Light
~Star Light~
The light from a dead star,
it reaches us after it's long gone,
and we wish we had known about it sooner,
There is a man who lives on the moon,
we just assumed that he was lonely,
but he was in love with the view,
There's no sense in crying,
as falling tears streak my face,
an abundance of falling stars streak the sky,
It takes real love to make someone feel humble,
I would be happy knowing that he closed his eyes singing,
my favorite line from that song,
Here the structure falls apart,
as time goes on,
I wonder if my compliments can reach him wherever he is,
This light has traveled far,
I believe it was just for me,
I wish I had looked up before it was gone.
Star Light © NeuroticLust/Amanda P.
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Chaos Theory
~Chaos Theory~
A broken person I met,
lived like a dark cloud that took its time as it tip-toed passed the sun,
had a vacancy for what could be seen but never found,
After you carried hate without use for friends for so long,
finding someone worth living for was hard to envision,
your bareness extended the invitation,
I could have made you better,
as you were enabled by all your comforts,
your eyes said things that your mouth could not and I lost myself,
I took advantage of loneliness,
and a spiteful giant with a foggy brain,
whom was accosted by what I couldn't wait to give away,
You left without saying goodbye,
luring tears played on sympathy and unexplainable inclinations,
everyone suffered accordingly,
Chaos vamped a holy mess,
spawned from a taste of the tenderness we've never known,
and the allure of unpredictability.
Chaos Theory © NeuroticLust/Amanda P.
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Down In The Valley
~Down In The Valley~
I am a simple man,
a man of integrity when I want to be,
wanting to be wanted, needing to be needed,
I am my ugly scars,
riddled by nightmares that will not let me sleep,
I am afraid that I will forget something important,
I am a good man.
Down in the valley you'll hear a whistling,
come home baby, it is time to eat,
I swear that I am not sick,
It is just a lonely abandoned temple,
one without a beacon to signal worshippers through the morning mist,
and I am calling you there,
I am a blue butterfly,
I destroyed myself to reform again,
only for the motions of my wings to bring hurricanes,
Down in the valley there is a song,
It is a voice that I do not recognize,
If I die before I know, that will be my one true heartbreak.
Down In The Valley © NeuroticLust/Amanda P.
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drawing practice - skull by Script-Interactive drawing practice - skull :iconscript-interactive:Script-Interactive 0 1
It took away more than it gave,
Never had a use for people,
It's going to be hard living for you,
How did we manage?
When every progress was met with a line in the sand,
And turned around so violently,
I won't make a sound,
Wrapping my head around every danger,
Accepting where I am,
We'll run out of bullets one day,
Although some of us can't outrun the desperate,
Keeping what desperation inspired,
Where I'm going, I'll feel warmth and proximity,
Hopelessness will be the faintest of my memories,
I'm locked on who we'll be, together,
I've got you, my mind's sword,
My weapon against losing my ability to live,
It took time to get here.
Where © NeuroticLust/Amanda P.
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All your sins bleed through to the other side,
I read you and your stubborn face and cry,
Was my pain worth the lies?
It's the fear of "never" and not knowing what the heart wants,
The storm that brings you into the arms of forgiveness,
Worry in your blood it all comes from a dark place,
Told a stranger you were drowning when you knew I could swim,
How could you ever think that I wouldn't understand?
For some, forever could only mean a day,
Your body, your mind are one with my wants and needs and just out of my reach,
Even as I've made space for you and all that you are,
Worry is a wall and I can't get over it,
It's just too sweet and almost crippling are the reminders of failure to reciprocate,
I just want to be selfish today, to light a fire in your name,
Too valuable to keep,
Always there and you will come looking for me again,
Praying to God to find a way to keep you here,
As you've become a beacon on the night sea.
Worry © NeuroticLust/Amanda P.
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Southern Cleanse and Clean
~Southern Cleanse & Clean~
Southern cleanse and clean,
Lays a destructive path like a hurricane,
He always knows better than to stay too long,
Prayers are comfort for the lonely,
Living in fear even as walking unknown,
Your backs to the wall keeping an eye on the room,
You hear a holler from downstairs,
Then a sweet voice to cut the bitterness,
Distant memories start feeling real again suddenly,
Waiting to greet him at the front door,
A fool for standing your ground to a tornado,
Facing dark clouds where all he ever knew was the sun,
"For good" is the only way he measures time, but
Where is home when you lose your way and you can't read a map?
He grew a heart over night and your finger has been on the pulse all day,
There is a face you don't see often enough,
He gives you back an inch for the mile he took,
Take with you all you manage to grasp and do not let go.
Southern Cleanse & Clean © NeuroticLust/Amanda P.
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Back To The Future
~Back To The Future~
Where we were, we'll be there again,
the winds of the change are bringing a storm,
the sands of time are always slipping through our fingers,
We hold on like we're afraid to lose it, when we were ahead, we went back,
when we went back, we wanted to go home,
freedom is what lies outside of space and time,
Beyond the dimensions we can see and feel,
if the present made you lonely, and the past made you afraid,
take the best of both of them with you to whenever you will be,
It will be worth it, to steal time,
to cheat death out of a few coins and rattle them as you walk away,
immortality becoming reality is not as painful as we thought it would be,
The future keeps coming along,
happiness in the palms of our hands,
and what you were looking for, time will let it catch up to you,
I used to be so angry at all the time that I wasted,
I brought the past with me to the present,
with the future in front of me, I'm always time traveling.
Back To The Future © NeuroticLust
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Annie Jump Cannon
~Annie Jump Cannon~
Eternity begins when the Earth ends,
There is no heaven beyond the infinite sky,
In space, mortality can reach even the untouchable,
As time slows down the further you venture,
Betrayed by the night as it takes the sun,
Just when you think you are safe, an eclipse takes the moon,
Darkness does not care what lies within it,
Swear by the promise of tommorrow and the absence of the mind,
Backs turned to the apprehension and fear of the unknown,
Undertaking a daring journey through anguished misery and loneliness,
To those hidden self-seeking universes not so different from our own,
Man's exploitation of nature will be short-lived,
Get as far as the light atop the highest peak,
The fires will carry the news,
Fate's threads held to the flames,
Head for the center of the storm and take pleasure in the calm,
Teary-eyed and low spirits, overwhelming distress,
Imaginary spiritual worlds misused for dastardly deeds,
They feed on your fear,
As you emerge from the darkness and
:iconscript-interactive:Script-Interactive 1 3
Unruly Angels
~Unruly Angels~
Love gives more than what old age takes away,
When you're born with skin too thick to crack,
Those are just generation gaps,
Gay as the first flower of spring,
Even after years of being away,
Looking for a reason to go back or stay here,
With a face that gets whatever it wants,
Youth outweighs wealth,
Can't sleep for fear of missing something,
Sinful heartthrobs who want to take over where the world is wilting,
Unruly angels wanting to move on to a tangible faith they can hold on to,
Each other,
Looking good but you're not dying,
We could all get away sometime,
Get far gone in our own minds,
Dying and leaving a revolution behind,
Where you scattered all your dreams,
All the young kids will go off and try to find them.
Unruly Angels © NeuroticLust/Amanda P.
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